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20190412 ADELAIDE CASINO_BAR_edited.jpg

Summer Mall Phase 2

Shopping Mall Interior

Zhuhai, China

interior design


As one of Zhuhai’s most significant urban development, Paring Onions collaborated with HK
architects 10 Design to work on a congregated group of retail malls – each represented by
its own character and interior identity, creating different retail experiences for different target
The Entertainment Hub (Mall 2) offers a more vibrant retail space mixed with full range of
attractions, ranging from cinemas, exhibition spaces, and karaoke and clubs. The interiors
takes on a more expressive approach, differentiate itself with a sculptural treatment expanding
the 4 stories tall atrium at the grand entry. Located on the top level is the multi cinema complex.
The ticketing hall features a 40m wide skylight, and a great wall of LED multimedia – creating
a dramatic experience for users as if they are surrounded by 360 degrees of motion pictures.

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