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20190412 ADELAIDE CASINO_BAR_edited.jpg

NEO Sales Office

Office Interior

Shenzhen, China

interior design


project management


The objective is to create a sophisticated interior that represents the maturity and reliable
culture of this financial headquarter office. This was achieved with the use of unorthodox scale,
combined with a rich yet humble materials palette and lighting.
The epic entry space emphasize the scale, while maximizing the unrivalled bird-eye view of the
city as the backdrop of the reception. A lounge ‘pod’ sits adjacent to the reception space,
fully equipped with bar and pantry facilities, offering itself for visitors and guests to relax and
wind down upon their arrival.
On the opposite side of the reception features a combination of private rooms that makes up
the managers quarter. The room sizes are purposely generous in order to accommodate the
work area as well as its private lounge for each room – to provide a more exclusive environment
for its business associate and endorse the importance of privacy and confidentiality.
Behind the solid timber screen at the reception is the main Board Room, featuring a 8 meter
long marble cladded table, sits below a series of pendants, a modern interpretation making a
prestige statement about the caliber of the company.

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