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Office Interior

Shenzhen, China

interior design


Merchants Union Consumer Finance Company limited (MUCFC) is a company providing
consumer finance services in China. It offers mobile Internet-enabled financial services,
payment application products and services, information services, and related value-added
services. It was jointly established and equally owned by China Unicom and China Merchants
The project objective is to create an outstanding, modern and distinctive integrated tower
headquarters for MUCFC in the business district of Qianhai Cooperation Zone, Shenzhen
reflecting the values of technological innovation, sustainability and in harmony with its context.
The “Millennium Generation” (or “Y Generation”), born between 1980 and 2000 and aged
between 18 and 38, has gradually become the backbone of the economy and society. In 2015,
the millennial generation of the United States jumped to the largest workforce in the workplace
for the first time, accounting for 35% of the workforce, surpassing any previous generation. By
2025, it is estimated that 75% of the global workforce will be composed of millennials.
2017 marked the first full year with Generation Z in the workforce—a cohort typically defined
as being born between 1995 and 2012. Gen Z is a distinct generation and not to be grouped in
with their Millennial counterparts.
From their expectations around technology to their preference for work–life blend over balance,
these employees are already reshaping the workplace in new and exciting ways.
This report examines the key traits of Millennials and Gen Z and describes how effectively
integrating these newcomers can help create an inclusive environment that enables employees—
irrespective of age—to be the best they can be.

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